fredag 13 augusti 2021

Swapit - new social game with a great chance to win!

I just got info about a new social game which seems to have a very promising future!

It's hard to explain it shortly in writing, thus I post a link to a video below that will explain more in detail how it works. It's a card game, connected to NTF's, which is the latest finincial trend, in the shape of digital art, sold on auctions for enormous amounts of money (for example 6,6 million dollars).

It's a very transparent business, where everything can be openly validated, the cards are given out randomly, and the company gives away part of the profit to those who participate in the game, and partly to charity.
You may even get to share the profit if you register for a free account! Cheapest is otherwise a starter package for only 10$, which opens up for even more possibilities.

Presentation in English:

Swapit Business Presentation From The Network Director ENG - YouTube

You may join through this link completely risk free and without any obligations!

Don't miss this chance now while it's still new, before everyone else found it!

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