onsdag 2 november 2016

Paradise Herbs ORAC-Energy Greens review

I was very happy to be chosen to test this new supplement, ORAC-Energy Greens from Paradise Herbs, already when I read about it before trying it yet, it felt very interesting!

It's made with over 42 certified organic ingredients and contains organic alkalizing greens, organic berries, organic veggies, superfood concentrates, herbal adaptogens, probiotics and more! It gives the antioxidant power (over 40,000 total ORAC per serving) of 24 servings of fruits & vegetables, and is 100% vegan as well. As an extra plus, it enhances fair trade and helps with saving the environment!

I love all things natural, and like the idea of superfood supplements as a complement to a healthy diet, to get all the necessary nutrients. I find it very handy to get the benefits of so many various fruits and veggies in just one serving. The high content of antioxidants is very nice. The only slightly negative thing I can think of is the content of kamut and wheat/barley grass, in spite of being gluten free (it's harvested before the gluten develops), which may be a problem if you've got celiac disease. I'm allergic to wheat, but didn't notice any bad effects.

It tastes mainly from the chlorella/spirulina, with a slight touch of dried veggies as a top note. 

Unfortunately I had to take antibiotics at the same time as I was testing this, which makes it a bit hard to discern which effects are from which thing. But I think I noticed an improvement those days I took it together with the medicine. Which I didn't feel the days I tried to skip it to see if there was a difference. It may actually also be a good idea to take it with antibiotics, since it contains probiotics as well (didn't think of separating the intake times enough though, so the antibiotics probably killed off the provided good bacteria in my case).

I like the content of mushrooms and adaptogens as well. It's an interesting mix of pretty much all you need for keeping a good health!

While taking it, I felt a bit more energized compared to normal, in spite of the antibiotics ("normal " state nowadays is rather zombie like, so anything above that is an improvement). It felt cleansing and slightly empowering at the same time. I would need more time to evaluate it on its own, but this is my impression so far. I've almost finished the jar so unfortunately I can't try it more than a couple of days more without anything else at the same time anyway.

It still remains among the most interesting supplements I've tried so far! So it feels like I can recommend it to those of you who are seeking for a nice antioxidant supplement that seems to fulfill its purpose.

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